Welcome to thesmartestgirlintheworld.com. My name is Carin MeyerThe Smartest Girl in the World is the title of my manuscript, for which I am seeking publication. The book is ironically titled that because although I used to think I was the smartest girl in the world, I soon realized that my clever mind was the last thing I could trust. The Smartest Girl in the World is a literary memoir about writing, love, and recovery, set in the extreme beauty and wildness of Alaska.

This blog is here to talk about what has happened to me– and what is happening– and also to help you. The portrait of Virginia Woolf is appropriate because of her (later) diagnosis as manic-depressive with severe psychotic symptoms. She would eventually commit suicide by putting heavy stones in her pockets and walking into a river. Even though her death hardly inspires hope, I do think her creativity and productivity throughout her life can encourage each of us to try our hardest, with the gift (yes, and bane) of modern medicine, to try to not only survive, but to thrive.

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Carin MeyerMy name is Carin Meyer. I am the genius that wasn’t. I was a smart kid who eventually grew into a wildly bipolar adult. As a teenager, I read so many books and wrote so many grandiose entries in my journal that I became convinced I was a literary genius. This is a blog about being bipolar, about writing, and about the anti-climax of life after genius-dom.

Today, I am the outrageous HFB– the high-functioning bipolar who lives several lucky levels up from the street. I have a home in the mountains of Alaska. I have a great job that offers me sick leave when I am outrageously bipolar. When I’m sick, I’ve been sick for centuries, and I share more with the bedraggled bipolar woman on the street than with my CEO, but when I’m well, I can’t even remember the outrageous things I did, and thoughts I had, when I was ill.

Why do I feel that it’s important to share my bipolar story? Because someone you know is bipolar, or even an HFB. Instead of feeling sorry for them, or wondering from a distance what in the world makes them tick, I want you to show them a little compassion because they are as outrageously human as you or me.

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