My name is Carin Meyer. I am the genius that wasn’t. I was a smart kid who eventually grew into a wildly bipolar adult. As a teenager, I read so many books and wrote so many grandiose entries in my journal that I became convinced I was a literary genius. This is a blog about being bipolar, about writing, and about the anti-climax of life after genius-dom.

Today, I am the outrageous HFB– the high-functioning bipolar who lives several lucky levels up from the street. I have a home in the mountains of Alaska. I have a great job that offers me sick leave when I am outrageously bipolar. When I’m sick, I’ve been sick for centuries, and I share more with the bedraggled bipolar woman on the street than with my CEO, but when I’m well, I can’t even remember the outrageous things I did, and thoughts I had, when I was ill.

Why do I feel that it’s important to share my bipolar story? Because someone you know is bipolar, or even an HFB. Instead of feeling sorry for them, or wondering from a distance what in the world makes them tick, I want you to show them a little compassion because they are as outrageously human as you or me.