The Bipolar Blog

It’s been nearly twenty years since I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, type I. Later, I would also be diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. The bipolar diagnosis meant I would alternate between periods of manic episodes and depressive episodes, or through the horrific experience of a mixed episode, for a certain period of time. My bipolar is a little different, though; I have ultradian, or ultra-, ultra-rapid cycling. My cycles last an hour to multiple hours, sometimes running into each other, overlapping, casting me to and fro and back and forth through the episode.

Up until a couple of years ago, I would go through manic episodes that would send me spinning up into the clouds, when I would max out my credit cards, and have grandiose thoughts, even thinking I was as talented as Emily Dickinson, Virginia Woolf or even as wonderful as Jesus Christ.

This blog is here not just to tell my story, but also, by sharing my story, help any of my bipolar readers through their struggles.

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